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Circle Heart Foundation

Circle Heart Foundation was created to bring attention, recognition, and donations for children in need that have been displaced from their home regardless of their situation and the organizations that give them care.

Ron and Debbie Rigdon have been working for the last 7 years helping many non-profit organizations involved with the helping of children. Together thy have help more than 5000 kids and raised over $30,000.

Circle Heart Racing was founded in 2004 by Ron and Debbie Rigdon. The primary goal of the Race Team was to help gain recognition for children in need.

Santa’s Toy Run

This is one of the most successful ventures and accomplishments for Circle Heart. Together the Rigdons have collected over 10,000 toys and helped provide Toys at Christmas for many homeless and foster children in the local area. Santa’s Toy Run is done in conjunction with NASA-SE every year at Road Atlanta on the first weekend of December. www.Santastoyrun.org

The organizational purpose of  Circle Heart Foundation, LLC is to support the educational, physical and emotional development of youth in foster or adoptive care, ensuring they are given the opportunities to lead healthy, productive, fulfilling and independent lives as adults.

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